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Today is 14 Apr 2024

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Major Amendments

Please take note that the following major amendments to the Overseas Lawyers Qualification for Admission Rules are being proposed. They will not, however, affect the OLQE 2011 examination. Their implementation date will depend on the progress of the legislative amendment procedure.

  1. There will be an additional written Head on Hong Kong Constitutional Law;
  2. The pre-requisite requirement of 5 years of experience in the practice of law enabling an applicant to become eligible to apply for exemption from sitting a written Head will count the followings:
    1. Experience gained during a period of service as a trainee solicitor, articled clerk or pupil or a practical legal training course in lieu thereof, that is required to be completed for the purpose of admission in the person's jurisdiction of admission;
    2. Experience gained in providing legal services to the public in the capacity as a lawyer practicing the law of a common law jurisdiction - this provision is intended to cover lawyers in private practice;
    3. Experience gained in providing legal services otherwise than to the public the nature of which is regarded by the Society as being similar to those in sub-paragraph (ii) above - this provision is intended to cover lawyers practicing in-house and yet the nature of work is regarded by the Society as similar to that in private practice.
To prepare for the coming into operation of the proposed legislative amendments, please note the following:
  1. No extension will be granted to any Section 3(2) Certificate for the purpose of enabling the holder of the Certificate to sit the 2011 or 2012 Examinations;
  2. All applications for the 2011 or 2012 Examinations by former candidates must be made by way of a fresh application in accordance with the rules and guidelines applicable at the time.

OLQE 2011
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Head I
3 November 2011 (Thu)
Head II
10 November 2011 (Thu)
Head III
15 November 2011 (Tue)
Head IV
17 November 2011 (Thu)
Head V
20 December 2011 (Tue)

Important Dates
Closing date for lodging application to sit the 2011 OLQE Examinations
8 Jul 2011 (Fri)
Closing date for registration to sit the 2011 OLQE Examinations
19 Aug 2011 (Fri)
Issue of candidate slips
19-23 Sep 2011
Last date to advise of disability
3 Oct 2011 (Mon)
Last day to withdraw from Examiantion to be eligible for part refund of registration fee
20 Oct 2011 (Thu)
Provisional date for release of the results
8 Feb 2012 (Wed)

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